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Bottle of 2013 Beaujolais Blanc

2013 Beaujolais Blanc

Jean Baptiste Charmet
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Wine Style:
Elegant, dry and unoaked

Tasting note

A delicious open floral wine with a bouquet of apricots and soft fruits predominating and a long finish.

Wine Making

Jean Baptiste uses low temperature fermentation to produce the wonderful body and finesse of this Beaujolais Blanc.

Jean Baptiste Charmet
Jean Baptiste with his father Lucien, the trophies testament to the quality of their wines.

Producer: Jean Baptiste Charmet

We have known the Charmet family through three generations, but the Charmet family first came to La Ronze at La Breuil in 1650. We were first introduced to Pierre Charmet, a friend of the Carron family in the late 70s, but two decades ago he handed over the reins to his son Lucien who subsequently featured in a television documentary with Jancis Robinson and today the vineyards are in the hands of Jean-Baptiste.  

There is something very special about all of the Charmet wines which are attributed to the specific terroir that gives them a complexity, elegance and subtlety more akin to Beaujolais Crus than to simple Beaujolais. In addition to the terroir, Jean Baptiste attributes the quality of his wine to a method of trellising developed by his grandfather which results in high quality grapes that minimise the need for chaptalisation the results are very evident in the quality of the wines they produce.

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Bottle of 2013 Beaujolais La Centenaire

2013 Beaujolais La Centenaire

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Beaujolais Blanc

Area cultivated:
214 hectares
Average annual production:
1,490,000 bottles
AOC decree:
12th September 1937

​The Chardonnay is grown in twenty of the communes in Beaujolais, but mainly in the north. The main requirement being that the soils should be predominantly limestone – the soil on which the Chardonnay thrives. In the Bas Beaujolais there are only isolated pockets suitable for Beaujolais Blanc but on these some amazing wines are produced. In addition there are limitations to the area that can be put down to Chardonnay and no vigneron may plant more than 10% of his vineyard with this grape variety.

A total of 62 hectares in 2010 produced 415,000 bottles of Beaujolais Villages Blanc.

Beaujolais Blanc accounts for just 2% of the Beaujolais AOC volume. However in 2011, following a three year review, 43 Beaujolais communes lost the right to call their white wines Bourgogne Blanc and are now required to label it Beaujolais Blanc AOC instead.

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Harvesting Chardonnay grapes to produce a wonderful Beaujolais Blanc
Chardonnay grapes harvested to produce Beaujolais Blanc

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