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Bottle of 2011 Fleurie Cuvée Tradition

2011 Fleurie Cuvée Tradition

Domaine de la Madone
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Natural cork
Wine Style:
Elegant mid weight Beaujolais Cru

Tasting note

Deeply purple, floral with a hint of violets, gentle, delicate and elegant. A delightful style of Fleurie.

About this wine

Fleurie La Madone are the most refined wines from the Fleurie appellation produced on the prized steep pink granite slopes above the village of Fleurie.

Jean Marc Depres and his son Arnaud own a small parcel of these much valued vineyards and craft their wines in their fantastically located cellars just below the La Madone Chapelle, the iconic shrine featured on their Fleurie labels.

Jean Marc and Arnuad's wine making is influenced by local traditions believing this enhances the quality and character of their wines.

Domaine de la Madone

Producer: Domaine de la Madone

Maryse and Jean-Marc Despres have a small but valuable Domaine on the upper slopes of La Madone where they cultivate 13 hectares of vines. They also have a cellar just below Chapelle de la Madone, the renowned symbol of Fleurie that sits above the village.  Jean-Marc is the fifth generation of winemakers and his son Arnaud is the sixth who has inherited a neighbouring Domaine, named rather unromantically after an electric pylon!

Although the Despres are modern wine makers, with a fantastic new winery to boot, their wine making is influenced by local traditional philosophies.  

These include not bottling their wine until the moon is on the wane, because it is believed that the phases of the moon influence the activity of the yeast in the wine and these become less active when it is on the wane.  Jean Marc believes these traditional methods enhance the wine as is illustrated by the intensity of colour and fullness of fruit of their fine Fleurie wines.

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Bottle of 2010 Fleurie La Madone

2010 Fleurie La Madone

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More info

Fleurie Wines

Area cultivated:
822 hectares under vine with 230 growers
Average annual production:
5,350,000 bottles
AOC decree:
11th September 1936

​The vineyards of Fleurie are the heart of the Beaujolais Crus and spread through 13 different “climats” each producing a different style of wine.  From North to South these vineyards are Les Labourons, Poncié, Les Moriers, La Roilette, Les Garants, Montgenas, La Madone, La Joie de Palais, Grille Midi, La Chapelle des Bois, La Cote, Le Bon Cru and Champagne and these individual names are often featured on bottles of Fleurie.  

The village is open and always active and totally dominated by the Church in which one would think the whole of Beaujolais would have room to worship. Overlooking the village is Chapelle de la Madone, a small chapel built in 1866 and a landmark that can be seen for miles and rises to a height of 450m.  In fact you can see all 10 Beaujolais Crus appellation from this spot.  

La Madone is worshipped today for protecting the vineyards, but a local myth reports that in her early years she also protected the local villagers by halting the advancing  Prussian army on the adjacent hill in 1870, by 'putting the wind up them' (pétoche) and is known as the statue 'La Dame de la Pétoche'!

Fleurie is the best known of all the Crus because the attractive and springlike name so aptly matches the wine which is feminine, smooth and elegant, in a way that has earned itself the title of Queen of Beaujolais, Moulin-à-Vent being the King. A good Fleurie should be very floral in style with a bouquet that suggests irises, violets and roses and is generally produced in the vineyards above the village, with fuller bodied wines produced on the lower slopes below.

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Chapelle de la Madone overlooking Fleurie
Chapelle de la Madone overlooking Fleurie

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