Why We Love Champagne

5db2c9680e5cf14668ca33cad2c847fbAlthough drinking a glass of champagne can be a decadent experience, it is not only for the elite. Champagne is produced in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, and visiting this region is the best way to sample champagne while having fun. Visitors will also be able to pick up some impressive champagne deals while learning a little bit more about this popular type of wine.

The Champagne region covers more than 30,000 hectares, which is divided into five main districts. The region is home to a large number of special champagne houses, many of which offer visitors guided tours and tastings.

Montagne de Reims

This sub-region is located south of the city of Reims. Champagnes that are produced here tend to be rich and full-bodied, and prominent varieties include Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. These types of champagne are ideal for drinking with a light meal or a snack, as their full flavor is not easily suppressed.


This charming village produces a range of different types of champagnes and this is a good place to use as a base while taking a champagne tour and getting to know the area. People who want to learn more about how champagne is grown and produced will find a lot of easily accessible information here.

Vallée de la Marne

This picturesque area can be found just to the north-west of Montagne De Reims and stretches along the gently flowing river Marne. The town of Epernay is the center of this district and the beautiful historical town center features a large number of prominent Champagne Houses.

Côte des Blancs

Head further east to the Côte des Blancs to find yourself firmly in white wine territory. The Chardonnay grape is grown almost exclusively here, and this slightly acidic grape gives champagne it’s familiar flavor. Champagne connoisseurs will want to head straight to this area to explore large and well known Champagne Houses, many of which can be found in charming villages such as Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize and Vertus.