When to Visit Annecy

france-french-alps-annecyAnnecy offers generally mild winters, with little frost and snow. Rain occurs at all times of the year. Spring is cool but pleasant, with lots of sunshine. The city is most crowded with tourists in July, while the best time to visit is September, as the air is clearer and offers better mountain views. Temperatures in Annecy range from -2°C to 22°C.

It can get hot and humid mid-summer, and the mountains are cloaked in clouds by day. Mid-July through to the end of August is when Geneva city dwellers take their annual vacation and Annecy can get busy.

Winter can be dull and gloomy, with heavy mists. There is frequent cloud cover and fog with some frost. By contrast, during settled weather, the mountains are relatively sunny and daytime temperatures may feel quite warm. The crisp, cool winds from the Alps are most noticeable in late winter and spring.

With plenty of weekenders making their way here, there is enough accommodation and variety to suit every taste and budget. Most visitors will want the convenience of staying in the town center, near the railway station and shopping, but there is some charming accommodation in the outlying areas as well. Be sure to book ahead, especially when visiting in July and August.

Most of the accommodation available is quaint and romantic, perfect for getting some rest and taking in the feel of a small medieval city. Hotels with views over the lake can be a bit pricier, but are definitely worthwhile, especially if you are here to participate in water sports and other activities. Expect to receive good value for money.

The popular tourist resort of Annecy offers many attractions, ranging from medieval churches, monasteries and seminaries to printing plants, jeweler factories and its famous lake. The castle of the counts of Geneva is a must-see.