Trying Wine in Bergerac

BergeracBergerac is a modern yet quaintly attractive town, set on a riverbank in the Dordogne region. This town was once a flourishing trading port and has easy access to the surrounding countryside and many famous wine producers.

The well restored and beautiful old center of Bergerac town is graced with a large number of 15th century buildings that visitors are sure to admire. The large Wine Museum can be found in the very heart of the old town, and this is the perfect place for wine lovers to explore to learn more about the wine making process and perhaps enjoy some free samples.

Bergerac is nestled in the center of a wine-producing region on the Dordogne River and is an attractive location from which to explore the area. There are 120 wine producers in the surrounding region, with Monbazillac lying to the south and the famous Bordeaux to the west.

Just 1 hour, 30 minutes by car from Bergerac is the Bordeaux wine region, where you can tour the area’s wineries and sample some of the products. If you’re here in October, don’t miss the grape harvest. Take a trip into the city of Bordeaux as well; it has a vibrant atmosphere and some fine 18th century architecture.

A trip to the market town of Périgueux is also worthwhile. The daunting Cathédrale St. Front is the focal point of the town, which is surrounded by vegetable farms and vineyards. The local cuisine is excellent and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Bergerac has a wide selection of modern restaurants and a plethora of traditional cafes where you can enjoy your evenings. There are also lots of bars where you can sample the region’s many fine wines and this is the perfect place for wine lovers to get their fix.