“Must-Reads” for All True Foodies Around the World

If you are a true foodie, you certainly enjoy everything about good food – from watching videos on cooking, reading cook-books, going out and eating in restaurants, having delightful conversations about recipes, to spending hours of hard work in the kitchen trying to make a perfect dish. It’s very common for foodies to even travel abroad for the sake of trying exotic food. Discovering new dishes requires a lot of research and reading. However, being passionate about food doesn’t mean you only read cook-books. There are some delicious books not related to recipes that will be enjoyed by any foodie.

shutterstock_312383312Must-reads for Foodies

Let’s see those delicious books! Sweetbitter is a novel by Stephanie Danler. The book tells a story about a young lady starting a new job at a restaurant in New York City and, eventually, a new life. A perfect read for artistic foodies would be American Foodie by Dwight Furrow. Must-read for romantic foodies is The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Reichert. Love, Loss, and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi gives an insight on the life of Padma Lakshimi, host of Top Chef. It’s a book about wisdom, women and love. Read more on Cowesprimary.co.uk

Read, cook, enjoy

Enjoy being a foodie and read good books, eat incredible cuisine and master the art of cooking! The books we have listed for you are the absolute must-reads for anyone loving delicious food and good stories. Every book has a unique taste – some are salty from tears, some are bitter like lemon juice from the difficulties of life, but some of the stories are sweet as a coconut cake. Try them all and decide which ones “taste” better to you. Let a journey of a thousand words begin with a single “bite” into a delicious story!