Beaujolais and Beyond - a rich history of distinctive wines

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The end of the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau campaign arrived with the release at midnight on Thursday 21st November 2013

The demand in the UK for Beaujolais Nouveau this year was beyond our wildest dreams, so sadly we have no more 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau to sell, although the new 2013 Beaujolais will be available from the end of January.

In the meantime do please enjoy the stories we have here to share with you of the history and the modern day reality of this extraordinary event that has captured the imagination of wine lovers around the world.

Beaujolais Nouveau Bites

What shall I serve with My Beaujolais Nouveau 2013?

What food will you serve with your Beaujolais Nouveau 2013?

​It’s nearly time to enjoy the release of the 2013 Beaujolais Nouveau, but have you thought about the setting for your first sip of this year’s new release?

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Beaujolais Nouveau Stories

... The Wine Merchant's View

​In the 1980s the concept of Beaujolais Nouveau caught the British Public’s interest and imagination sensationally. The popular public image was of a road race on public roads and all sorts of gimmicky ways were found to get the first bottle of Nouveau into London. As is so often with public perceptions, reality was a little different ....

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History of Beaujolais Nouveau - Part 2

The Race Is On And The Bandwagon Begins to Roll

Beaujolais Nouveau - First cars and motor bikes, then planes, helicopters and finally, Concorde and Harrier Jump Jets

Although created in 1951, initially the popularity of Beaujolais Nouveau was slow to pick up speed but once the bandwagon started rolling it quickly gained momentum.

The concept of a wine held in the cellars until midnight of 14th/15th November then driven first to Paris, and subsequently to other European capitals, particularly London, captured the imagination of publicists and pleasure seekers of all sorts. Before long prizes were being offered for the first bottle to be received at functions all over Europe, arranged to celebrate the release.

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History of Beaujolais Nouveau - Part 1

Fresh from the Press, in the early 1900s young Beaujolais was celebrated in Lyon's Cafés

Barrels of Beaujolais Nouveau - enjoyed by the Lyonnaise

To understand Beaujolais Nouveau you must look back in history before the First World War when cafés in Lyon would purchase barrels of Beaujolais before fermentation was completed. The wine was purchased straight from the press and the jolting the wine received on the rough roads to Lyons stimulated the fermentation which was completed in the cafés’ cellars.

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Beaujolais Nouveau Top 10 Facts

Know your Nouveau Facts

Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 - Top 10 Facts

The start of the harvest is the signal that the count down to the release of this year's Beaujolais Nouveau has begun. To celebrate we have compiled our top 10 facts for you to enjoy.

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