An Introduction to French Wine

french-wines-bourgogneFrench wine is celebrated all over the world for its excellent quality and flavor. This is the drink of choice in France, and the country boasts some of the largest vineyards in the world.

French wine dates all the way back to the sixth century, and there are many different types that are just waiting to be tried. Champagne is without a doubt the most celebrated and famous kind of wine that hails from France and it is traditionally made in the Champagne region of the country. This is a very light and bubbly kind of wine that is often drank in order to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding.

The beautiful Bordeaux region of France is well known for its flavorsome and full bodied type of red wine. Some of the best loved wines that come from the Bordeaux region of France are Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

People who have a love for white wine should make sure they make the time to sample a glass or two of the wine that is created in the stunning Alsace part of France. Most of the tasty types of wine that are produced in this area tend to be produced from grapes like Pinot Blanc and Riesling, which are celebrated for their very dry quality. People who enjoy sparkling wine over dry wine will also find a few types to try from this part of the country.

Situated in western and central France, the large and lovely Loire Valley is perfectly placed for producing top quality wine. This region of France boasts numerous vineyards especially along the length of the gently flowing Loire River. The Upper Loire region is mainly reserved for growing the grapes that are used to create Sauvignon Blanc, while Toraine with its cool climate offers a whole host of different types of tasty tipples.